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DSC05001-1024x693Ah, summer

salty skin and sand between your toes

icy cold ocean water

quenching the summer heat



The first day of August, happy Natal Day everyone!  We’ve just returned from a sea glass hunting trip in Cape Breton, lots of  treasures, glass as well as gorgeous pebbles and driftwood. Cape Breton was named one of the best vacation destinations in the world, so if you haven’t visited you’re missing out!
Shyloh helps. And by helping, I mean kicking sand at whoever happens to be behind her. She loves the beach, but has a lot of trouble with the fact that we pick stuff up and put it in a container rather than throwing it for her to fetch. Clearly we still need some training.

DSC04996-1024x768 Here’s a shot of some of our gatherings. Much of this was collected in Inverness, a gorgeous beach that goes on forever, a popular sea glass collecting spot.DSC05011-1024x768

  • muffy

    I have been searching my beach in Massachusetts all summer and have not found any blue. I am on Cape Breton now and hope that I am half as fortunate as you are. Beautiful.

  • Good luck Muffy! Do check out Inverness, it won’t disappoint you.