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What is Sea Pottery?

What is Sea Pottery?

Se Pottery, sometimes called sea shards, are little pieces of broken china, ceramics, milk glass or pottery that somehow found their way into the sea, after many years of churning in the salt water and sand, they emerge smoothed and beautiful, ready to be scooped up by a delighted beach comber!


Every piece of sea pottery has a story to tell. Was the piece once part of a bride's wedding china? A cherished ornament? A hard working crock? Most sea pottery pieces no longer have colour or pattern showing, the sea has washed it away. When the colour or pattern have withstood the determined sea, you know you have found a special piece!


What is Sea Pottery?


Sea pottery will always be my favourite find. If you'd like to see some of our sea pottery jewelry designs, you can find them here.


Sea Pottery Jewelry by Sea Glass Designs

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